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Branding/Marketing campaign for Tourism Malaysia

Logotype, Branding, Web Design
Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB)
Putrajaya, Malaysia & Bangkok, Thailand

Hey this is Adam, WADE.global Creative Director- This was a project and a half. A large portion of my year was spent working with the Tourism Board of Malaysia back and forth between Putrajaya and Bangkok nailing this bad boy down to spec.

I was hired as creative director to deliver the MTPB’s new campaign on bringing more tourism to the lovely nation of Malaysia. This first entailed a long and tedious rebranding of their logotype and accompanying materials. I don’t remember exactly, but I believe I mocked up between 40-50 logos before we agreed on this beauty:

Once the ball started rolling we were nonstop in the production of marketing materials for their new and upcoming web platform, a journey I will not forget.

The site we built doesn’t exist anymore, but it was the first in a long succession of awesome and better branding for Tourism Malaysia.