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Tim Wade

Tim Wade is our founder and CEO, and our lead motivational keynote speaker, management development trainer and content creation lead. He is global. He is an Australian born in Malaysia to Australian parents with US and UK ancestry, and he is married to a Singaporean, and flies from Singapore to speak globally except Spain. He's happy to speak in Spain, he just hasn't yet. 

On this page we'll cover Tim's work as a Global Conference Speaker, a Motivational Speaker on Change, a Management Development Trainer, and a content creator of online training, learning and development programs.

If you want to skip all of that, you can simply connect with us directly from the chat box in the bottom right-hand corner of this page or email Tim directly at tim[at]timwade[dot]com (we wrote it like that to avoid spam). Connect, and let’s check event-date availability and discuss your outcomes and objectives.

Tim Wade global motivational speaker singapore
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Tim Wade, global 

conference speaker

Tim Wade delivers engaging signature keynotes such as “The Mindset of Victory” with his entertaining and interactive Olympic sprint activity, as well as specifically customised keynotes crafted to achieve specific outcomes that we discuss with you and the event organising team.

If a picture tells 1000 words, then the next two pictures will share where Tim is engaged to deliver his presentations, and with which clients. You'll notice he works across industries and cultures, since Tim discusses concepts that impact people and their psychology, and how that impacts their response to  change, resistance, innovation, creativity, leadership styles, growth, and much more. Connect, and we'll discuss your organisation's specific circumstances and how we can help.

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Tim Wade delivers impactful and entertaining motivational keynotes on change that connect with audiences. 

Clients engage Tim Wade to motivate their staff, sales teams, clients, channel partners or customers at their events. Tim Wade motivates through connecting with the audience with authenticity and humour, and drawing from his background in corporate leadership and change consulting, Tim takes the audience through a fun session of positive possibility thinking and how to cultivate and sustain a psychology of success and an action-set of victory, as well as how to lead, embrace and successfully deliver change initiatives. He is a welcome external voice supporting internal initiatives and bringing the team onside to reduce resistance and to accelerate the delivery of positive business results.

Connect with us directly via the chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner of this website or email tim[at]timwade[dot]com (avoiding spam by writing it like that) and let’s check date availability and discuss objectives.

Tim Wade delivers management development training programs




Tim Wade has been leading management development training programs since 2007, based on his career of managing, leading and participating in change programs since 1994 . With half-day, full day, 2-day and multi-day programs, he customises programs to deliver specific outcomes for his clients.

His flagship program is a 10-day program run over a minimum of 2 modules, with a straightforward title so nobody gets confused; it’s called, “Tim Wade’s Management Development Program”. Simple. Because effective change includes increasing clear communication of clear strategies, clear tactics, clear accountabilities and clear action.

Participants are immersed in an activity-based facilitated workshop to develop their self-awareness, leadership capability, corporate values and mission alignment, presentation skills, performance management, psychological profiling, and a significant increase in business maturity to deliver positive business results.

It has been hailed by numerous participants as “the best training I’ve ever attended” and by training departments as “the most consistently highest-rated training program we have ever run” (that one from a leading national bank who has been running the program for over 5 years).

Tim Wade delivers management development training programs.

Wade Academy - online professional development programs created by Tim Wade and our Wade Global team





Tim Wade has developed a series of online training modules that provide event attendees with a way to continue their learning and deepen their training throughout the year, while providing training departments with reports of progress and completion statistics.


Programs include sales skills and soft-skills through his series of Skhit.com programs. These are unique in that Tim wrote sketch-comedy pieces to illustrate the training in a hilarious way with superheroes, villains and all sorts of characters in unusual and very funny situations demonstrating the skills being taught. The purpose of the comedy is to engage viewers and create internal virality so people talk about the latest episode on your organisation's intranet or LMS.


Another program is a series called Promotion Payrise. This program is essentially Tim Wade’s Management Development Training program, but delivered by Tim from all parts of the world in a casual yet impactful manner, and is geared for individuals to delve into how they can create even more value for their managers and the organisation (and in doing so better position themselves for a promotion and a payrise).

All these ​​​​​​​programs are available at wade.academy

Tim Wade's Promotion Payrise program helps individuals shift mindsets and actions to increase the value they deliver to their managers, teams and organisations.


Connect with us directly from this website (the chat box in the bottom right hand corner of the page) or email: tim@timwade.com and let’s check date availability and discuss objectives.