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We create faster, more affordable and higher

quality videos for you to better communicate

your message.

We will deliver your new corporate video,

TVC, web or media project.

Faster. Fresher. Impactfuller.


We’re faster because the people you speak to in our creative meetings are the ones who deliver the work. So we deliver, fast. One month? Try 5 days. Or tomorrow. Depends on the scope. If we’re really in the zone we could deliver it yesterday (time zone dependent). That’s relatively fast!


Case study: we delivered at 20% the quote of a full-service agency for a TVC. One agency quoted $500k, another $340k. Ridiculous. We delivered to a delighted client in under $85k. Yep. You’re not paying for your TVC plus a flashy red Maserati for some guy in a fancy office in New York. With us you’re just paying for the TVC and a miniature Vespa in Katong. You're not funding a team of 66 people working without passion. There are 5 in our core team. And they are passionate. Yeah.


Have you seen TV crews making ads on the cutting edge equipment of 1982? I know. They’re still paying it off by charging you for decades-old bad decisions. Well we shoot on the latest Black Magic Cinema Cameras that blows standard TV-quality into the rubbish bin. And our editing expertise makes the final product look world standard... because it is.

Want to represent your business in world standard way without costing the earth? Yes you do. So call us.

Our Team:

Okay, our team combine backgrounds in psychology, business leadership, professional events, modelling, acting, feature film directing and editing to give you the whole package in a small package that means awesome speed with awesome cost control so we’re awesome for you. Yes, our creative team has worked across the globe: in Africa with Nat Geo, in China with 30 Seconds to Mars, in Fiji with Snoop Lion, from agencies in USA and Sweden, in events from Japan to Saudi Arabia... and we’ve eaten sandwiches in Bangkok. We want to work with you too.


Our team has delivered successful video, web and media projects for: Courts Singapore, Nokia, McDonalds, Diageo (Red Stripe Beer), MAC, Abacus, Sony, Burger King, Universal Records, DHL, Corning, Samsung, Digicel, Microsoft ...want to see something not displayed on our site? Contact us and we'll give you access to our private portfolio.

Your Idea, Our Execution:

Here's how we'd work with you to ensure a happy outcome: Envisage Desired Result —> Creative Concept —> Script —> Pre-production —> Production/Shoot —> Editing and Post-Production —> Distribution —> Realise Desired Result —> Happy you.

Whichever point you are at in your production, we can help you happily realise your desired result. Even if you still need help coming up with what your desired result might look like, that’s where our business and creative experience will help create clarity before creating the amazing solution.

Stuff we can do for you with awesomosity by next week or maybe the following Monday:

Internal Comms videos, Training videos, PR videos, Web commercials, Web product videos, Vox Pop, Event videos,

Corporate CSR videos, Creative Consulting, Scriptwriting, TVC.

Next Steps:

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...let’s make awesome happen.

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