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Design & Branding: Starbucks Thailand Marketing Advert

Advertising Design, Promotional Branding Material
Starbucks Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand

One of our favourite projects by far!

Hey guys, Adam here (WADE.global Creative Director). I used to conduct around 50% of my business and client meetings at two separate Starbucks’ in Bangkok. It’s a very easy setting- everyone loves Starbucks, right? One day it struck me that the interior design of most of the Thai Starbucks cafes are beautiful and unique compared to most I had seen elsewhere. They focused heavily on a wooden and rustic yet modern design appeal.

I came up with a couple design pitch mockups for a visual campaign that matched the wooden and earthy feel of the shops and Starbucks Thailand loved it. I even got to incorporate my obsession with nautical and seafaring elements. Can you find the octopus?

This was maybe the most unique design-to-fruition works I have ever come up with due to it’s tangible nature. Usually I design 100% behind a computer screen, but this had to come alive in order to match the feeling the stores gave off.

This advertising promo was displayed nationwide all over the stores as well as printed in numerous magazines and publications.

Since then, Starbucks has really pumped the gas in Thailand. As of 2018 they celebrated 20 years in the the “Land of Smiles.” They launched a new flagship store to commemorate the momentous occasion. Check it out below- I think my design still fits the mold.