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Design & Branding: new values branding and graphic design. Client: Courts Asia

Values Logo Design
Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines

We designed the new values branding for Courts in Southeast Asia and they came out pretty awesome.

Adam here – Courts invited us to their headquarters in Singapore to discuss their new “Employees First” Values update. They hired us at WADE.global for a 6 month adventure to help them implement the new values via training sessions (with speaker and trainer, Tim Wade – www.timwade.com), a conference (where I shot a handful of videos to present as well as the event itself), a series of engaging employee training videos and a graphic branding refresher full of new material.

I designed two versions of their 3 new values logos and they decided they loved the second batch:

It was a blast to work for Courts again and even more so to see my work wallpapered around their offices and stores around SE Asia.